Fayemi, Ekiti and the spirit of YEAA

July 19, 2021

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The Governor of Ekiti State, John Kayode Fayemi was again celebrated in faraway Lagos on Saturday, 17th July, 2021, where he was honoured with the Governor of the Year Award by Vanguard Communication. It was no doubt a deserving award. Although, I am not one of his fans but I am highly impressed with the way he is managing our commonwealth in Ekiti State and staying afloat, while our bigger and more buoyant neighbouring States are gasping for breath. He is said to be making use of his huge network to better Ekiti State and for this purpose I am convinced that he deserves all the accolades and support from all of us. JK, as Bisi calls him, well done boy. Keep making the State proud.

Kayode Fayemi is too refined and forthright to engage in Award buying like we have seen with many politicians. His trajectory and track records wouldn’t let him engage in such but that cannot be said of many politicians. Well, do you blame them? We are in the era of seeing people showing and celebrating bogus achievements. Just the other day, I was rudely woken up by a popular Trumpeter who came to give Folake, one of my tenants an early morning birthday rendition. I was so angry that I stormed Folake’s flat to scold her and the intruding musician. But I changed my mind immediately I saw Folake, the celebrant on her knees crying. The surprise rendition caught her unaware and she became emotional.

I was so touched that instead of scolding her, I ended up praying for her and all her friends that organized such pleasant surprise and honour for her. I went back to my apartment feeling nostalgic. Few days later, I ran to the Trumpeter and took time out to give him subtle scolding for invading my compound that early. Then I got the shock of my life. The young man apologised but confessed that it wasn’t his fault. It was Folake (my tenant) the celebrant that asked him to come that early. She contracted him for the job and gave him the actual time to arrive. I realized that Folake was just faking ignorance of the arrangement for the camera and in the process I was also fooled. This is what I called the spirit of YEAA on social media.

The political space of Ekiti State became suddenly rowdy and volatile some months back with the constant rivalry among the followers of notable gladiators who are either scheming or aspiring to succeed Kayode Fayemi. My children, Taye, Kehinde, Idowu and Alaba took the contention to the tilt. Kayode Fayemi, the Governor had no choice than to intervene when it became obvious that the gladiators and their followers were unnecessarily distracting him and creating instability within the polity. He was reported to have called the gladiators and pleaded with them to honour him with full three years of undistracted service to Ekiti State. He told them that they could start their politicking after the third anniversary of his administration which is just few months away. They all thanked him and promised to honour him as requested. All the gladiators sheathed their swords and cautioned their followers. This accounted for the seeming decorum and calm atmosphere that pervaded the political landscape of Ekiti State recently. Unfortunately the spirit of YEAA is fast changing the narrative now.

In an attempt to lord himself over Nigerians, the then Head of State, General Sani Abacha organized and sponsored some youths purported to be speaking for all the youths of Nigeria under the auspices of Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha (YEAA). YEAA was posited to be begging Abacha to contest and become the elected President of Nigeria. YEAA opined that Abacha was the only person that could move Nigeria forward and insisted that he must answer the call. The same spirit of YEAA is at work in Ekiti State at the moment where a notable member of the cabinet of Kayode Fayemi is sponsoring people to beg him to contest.

Just like YEAA was begging Abacha to contest to be President of Nigeria, a particular cabinet member in Ekiti State is sponsoring people to beg him to contest. He is being begged daily to answer the call. Just like Folake used her money to invite Trumpeter for her birthday and later faked ignorance of the arrangement. This shrewd politician is also faking ignorance of this scheming but we understand the game. He should be reasonable and honourable enough to respect Kayode Fayemi, and save his games till after the third year anniversary as requested by the Governor. That sacrifice shouldn’t be too much to honour the Governor if truly this man wants the success of his Principal. I hope the spirit of YEAA will allow wisdom to prevail in Ekiti State.

Pa Ariyibi Osatuyi wrote this piece from odo Ado, Ado Ekiti.

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