Why the Old Testament is still useful

By Pst Akinrinlola Olumide Every chapter of the Bible is important and no one can remove from it or add to it. Of truth, we are not bonded by the law anymore because we are under the dispensation of grace. As Christians, we have moved away from the practice of the Old Testament but I

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Rainday Digital Company launches Christian Community Website

The Christian community in Nigeria has welcomed the country's first-ever online community website for lovers of Jesus Christ. The community website is owned and managed by Rainday Contents and Digitals Limited. A content creation company located in Lagos state, Nigeria. According to the management of Rainday, TestifyJesus.com is a platform where believers of Jesus Christ

I Couldn’t Hide This Revelation!

By Pst Akinrinlola Olumide A lady was in a programme at Ayeka in Okitipupa LG of Ondo State to attend a programme organised by a popular Pentecostal church with name withheld. The General Overseer of the church was the one that came to minister during the programme. Pastors, ministers and church members were in attendance

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I Lost An Excellent Spirit!

By pst Olumide Akinrinlola It was an unforgettable sexual intercourse with my girlfriend. As I stood up from her and was putting on my boxer, something strange happened that has never happened in all my sexual adventure. Right there in the room, like in a trance, I saw an image like my self walked out

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You Are Not Going To Understand Everything

Pst Olumide Akinrinlola You can't, and we cannot understand everything that happen to us in life. This is because none of us can see the beginning to the end. Only God can see the beginning to the end of everything and only Him can also see from the end to the beginning. (Rev 21:6) Hence,

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Can Prophecies Fail?

God is all powerful, so He could make every prophecy happen exactly as He predicted. But does He always? The Bible is filled with prophecy, and much of it is for the end time. Many Christians look into the prophecies of the Bible, and especially the books of Daniel and Revelation, trying to figure out

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Riches, Wealth And The Kingdom of Heaven By Pst Olumide Akinrinlola

”Any Pastor that preaches against the acquisition of wealth must never say he is representing God. God is in the business of blessing people right from Adam, to Abraham even to Jesus Christ”, says Thomas Adeoye Akarakiri I agreed totally with the submission of Mr Thomas because that’s the position of the Scripture. 2nd cor

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Your Greatest Goaliath – Pst Olumide Akinrinlola

Text : 1st Samuel 17 We all know the meaning of Goliath in the Bible. Biblically, a Goliath is like a stronghold, a warrior, a giant, a strange being which wages war against human destiny. The Biblical Goliath being used by the Philistines to trouble the Israelites is a good example. Read 1st Samuel chapter

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