Kaduna-based Islamic cleric, popularly known for his constructive criticism against the government, Ahmad Gumi, has castigated President Muhammadu Buhari for the killings under his administration.

In his Ramadan sermon at the weekend, the Islamic leader also called on president Muhammadu Buhari to immediately resign as the president of Nigeria, saying that the bloodshed under Buhari’s led administration, is times two of the bloodshed during Jonathan’s regime if combined together.

The cleric accused the President of negligence and I-dont-care attitude. He stated that Nigeria recorded less bloodshed under the government of Goodluck Jonathan compare to this current administration.

His words:

Why I blame Jonathan with blood in his hand because Boko Haram were putting bombs everywhere and government was not doing enough”, he said.

“Anybody killed under your regime, you are responsible for that blood. If you have done your best, I can say yes, Allah can forgive you. But if you are relaxed, no; Allah will not forgive you. So it is the same thing now.

“The bloodshed now is more than, combined together, the bloodshed during Jonathan’s regime. So now you judge yourselves to be fair. Our religion is a religion of fairness.

“During Jonathan’s time when the blood was flowing too much — mosques and churches and streets, I said let him resign because I could see he could not handle the blood flow.

“He could not handle it. I said please resign with immediate effect because you cannot handle the killing of innocent people.

“That is why I called for his resignation and government newspaper and others published it. Is that possible today?

“Now more blood is shed from negligence, from sleeping, from laziness, from I-dont-care, the cleric added.


recalled his criticism of Jonathan while he was in office