Ondo South 2019: Ex-LG Boss, Banji Okunomo Differentiates PDP Senatorial Candidate From Others

November 17, 2018

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— Says Otunba Nicholas Tofowomo of PDP is not a situational Candidate who emerged to represent the interest of a political godfather against the public interest in Ondo South 

In this interview, the State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State and the Director-General of Tofowomo Campaign Organisation, Hon. Banji Okunomo, has said that the Senatorial Candidate of the PDP for Ondo South in 2019 forth coming general election, Otunba Nicholas Tofowomo, is outstanding and a standard where candidates of other political parties are standing.

Okunomo took time to introduce some qualities of his principal to the people of Ondo South in this interview.


Can we meet you sir?

My name is Banji Okunomo, Publicity Secretary of PDP in Ondo State and the Director-General of Tofowomo Campaign Organisation.

Otunba Nicholas Tofowomo is the PDP Senatorial Candidate For Ondo South in 2019 general election. As the Director-General of his Campaign Organisation, How prepared are you and your team towards the commencement of political campaign?

My brother, we are very prepared. We are going to commence our campaign in strict adherence to the rules and regulations guiding a very matured democratic contest. We are going to make our campaign issues based. We will not engage ourselves in the act of assassinating the character of other Candidates. We are going to showcase the prowess, the capacity, the competence and suitability of the candidate we have presented as a Political Party to the people of Ondo South. We are proud that it is only our party, PDP, who engages in what we called internal democracy. We allowed internal democracy to prevail. Quite unlike other Political Parties where Candidates were imposed with democratic tendencies subverted to the wills and caprices of some Powers that-be within the party. In our party, the processes of election were conducted and the winner emerged through a democratic process that was observed. We did not only elect a winner as our Senatorial Candidate for Ondo South, we also looked at the number of variables that were relevant in our Senatorial District, particularly, the factor of take your turn, the factor of give and take. Six Local Governments were involved and since 1999 till date, we have instances whereby no fewer than four Local Governments have had their taste of the Senatorial positions with only Ese Odo and Ileoluoji/Okeigbo remaining. This factor was observed in our party to ensure the candidate of the party emerged from the Local Government that was favoured.

What distinguishes your candidate from others that make you think he is better than other candidates as said earlier by you.

Otunba Nicholas is a product of a well thought out and highly conceptualised Political Agenda. He’s a product of Democracy that truly reflected the wishes of the people through an electoral college system. He is not a Situational Candidate, nor an Accidental Candidate or an Emergency Candidate that emerged like some people to represent the interest of a godfather in Ondo South against public interest. Our Candidate did not emerge as a candidate of circumstances of frustrations or political persecution. Tofowomo is an idea nurtured who understands what the nitty-gritty of what Legislative business is all about. Our Candidate is already prepared for governance. He is not going to work base on imagination. Tofowomo is going to work base on what is purified and already gathered from the field as needs of our people in Ondo South. We produced a Candidate that understands the needs of the people and had already released his agenda for public consumption with the title: “STREP” which means Security, Transportation, Resources, Employment and Power (Electricity) even before he won the PDP primary election. Our candidate is an achiever based on his track records as two times commissioner for transport in Ondo State. His records are indelible. This is a fact.

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