Chief Femi Fani Kayode has advised Nigerians to stop Complaining about the posthumous award bestowed on late M. K.O Abiola, saying that the president did the right thing, promising that Nigerians will reward the president for doing the right thing by voting him out of Power in 2019 presidential election in Nigeria.

Fani Kayode also said that there is no big deal in what president Buhari has done. He said in a tweet that if God could use a donkey, then, he could as well use president Buhari to do the right thing for late Abiola.

The tweet read:

“If God can use a donkey to do the right thing in the Bible then he can use @MBuhari to do the right thing for MKO Abiola and June 12th.Those that are complaining about his gesture should desist from doing so.He did the right thing and we will reward him for it by voting him out.”