Flight attendant reveals the downsides of her job

May 6, 2023

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A flight attendant has revealed the downsides of her job – including being degraded and harassed by passengers. Cierra Mistt (pictured), who works for an airline out of Salt Lake City, told her 3.2million TikTok followers that they are not there ‘just to serve cokes.’

She explained that their training is ‘months long’ to prepare them for anything that can happen in an emergency. She listed ‘trust issues’ due to pilots and flight attendants ‘hooking up’ all the time as another major downside of her role.

In the clip, which racked up over 1.3 million likes, she said: ‘The downsides to being a flight attendant, number one getting next to no sleep. While there is a requirement of at least nine hours of rest that hour starts at least 15 minutes after the door of the flight is open.’

She went on to explain that after it takes 45 minutes to get ‘unloaded’ and another 30 minutes to an hour to get to the hotel plus she needs to be back in the airport before her flight 45 minutes before take off. She added: ‘In total you probably get five to six hours if that. Number two being ok with being degraded and harassed by passengers and employees.

Many people think that flight attendants are there just to serve cokes, we are also still in the old fashion days were we have to wear heels and makeup and have everything looking perfect.’

‘That being said a lot of employees look at you as just the pretty one, but I do want to let you in on a secret, our training in not weeks but months long.

That training that we go through prepares us for anything that can happen in a mental tube flying 30,000 feet above. Now like I said it’s not just the employees that treat us like garbage, the amount of times that I have been touched and pocked in inappropriate places.

Number three trust issues, there are more pilots and flight attendants and pilots that hook up with people on their over nights and even more that hook up with each other on their over nights.’

Many rushed to the comments to leave their thoughts on the video with some appreciating her hard work.

Credit: Daily Mail

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