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Chief Femi Fani Kayode and Mr. Reno Omokri had in a separate tweets has taken a swipe on Senator Ibn Na’Allah for begging and calling on president Muhammadu Buhari to tolerate the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as his children.

Fanikayode accused Senator Ibn Na’Allah of debasing himself while Reno Omokri said that the senator is suffering from democratic illiteracy.

See the separate tweets below.

Femi Fanikayode tweeted:

“Tolerate us (Senate) as ur children”- Sen. Ibn Na’Allah to @MBuhari”

When a Senator reduces and debases himself to this level of shameless, grovelling subservience it is pitiful. Senators are meant to act as a check and balance to the Pres. and not behave like his houseboys.

In his own tweet, Reno Omkri said:

“I am so disappointed in Senator Ibn Na’allah who begged President Buhari to “tolerate us (the Senate) as your children. What nonsense! What democratic illiteracy! The @NgrSenate is meant to COORDINATE the government with the executive. It is not meant to be SUBORDINATE to them!”

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