All is not well with the Supreme Court, says Atiku

October 30, 2023

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Former Vice President of Nigeria and 2023 Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has raised serious concerns about the state of Nigeria’s democracy and the Supreme Court’s role in it.

Speaking at a World Press Conference held at the PDP Headquarters in Abuja, Atiku expressed his worries about the potential consequences of the Supreme Court’s decisions on the Presidential Election Petition Judgment.

In his address, Atiku emphasized that the Supreme Court’s verdict holds a significant impact on the country’s future.

He stressed that if the court legitimizes illegality, including forgery, identity theft, and perjury, it could set a dangerous precedent that goes beyond the current government and could last for decades.

Atiku’s remarks underscored his commitment to truth, morality, democracy, and the rule of law throughout his political career.

He also shared his past experiences, highlighting the challenges he faced when striving to transition Nigeria from military to civilian rule and later opposing the extension of a government’s tenure beyond constitutional limits.

Atiku’s choice to seek redress in the courts after the 2023 election and his engagement with an American court to uncover certain facts indicate the gravity of his concerns.

Atiku made it clear that his actions are not about personal gain but rather about the future of Nigeria.

He emphasized the importance of setting a positive example for future generations and the kind of society the country should strive to leave behind.

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