The Negative Effect Of Zobo Drink On Fertility

August 1, 2021

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By Raphael Osas

Zobo is a well-known beverage drink in Nigeria and many other countries. It is made from Roselle leaves, scientifically called Hibiscus sabdariffa. Zobo drink is also referred to as hibiscus tea, sour tea, or karkade.

Its refreshing and delicious taste has made it a favourite in many homes. It is also a very cheap drink making it a common substitute for other beverages.

Traditionally, Zobo leaf can be used to cure some ailments such as stomach upset, minor cough, fungal infections, and poor appetite.

Zobo drink has a lot of health benefits but studies have also shown that it can affect female fertility negatively.

Oestrogen is mainly a female sex hormone produced by the endocrine system. This hormone serves a key function in puberty, pregnancy, menstrual cycle, bone strength, and maintaining the normal cholesterol levels of the body.

A low level of oestrogen simply means no ovulation and when you are not ovulating, you cannot get pregnant.

Studies have shown that taking too much of zobo drink, especially daily as a woman can lower your chances of getting pregnant as it lowers the production of oestrogen. It can cause miscarriage.

Zobo drink is known to stimulate the monthly menstrual flow and taking it in excess during pregnancy can make you have a miscarriage or premature Labour.

Medical experts have advised that pregnant women should stop taking too much of this drink.

It may not be a good idea to stop taking this drink completely as it is also medicinal and it contains antioxidants that can help protect the baby and her mother from toxins.

So taking it moderately is the key to enjoy the health benefits of this drink as it can help stimulate menses.

It may prevent pregnancy. Some women have complained that this drink had not let them get pregnant. It has also been proven by scientists that it makes women less productive as it affects their oestrogen levels and makes it difficult for pregnancy to occur.

Zobo and Male fertility

Does zobo drink negatively affect male fertility too?

The irony about zobo drink is that while it negatively affects female fertility, it is very good for men.

Statistics show that 30% of couples infertility is due to male infertility as men can also have fertility problems. The good news is that the Zobo drink is very effective in male fertility.

Zobo drink helps to improve sperm count and motility and to get better results, add ginger to it and enjoy it cool.

The Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

Although Zobo drink has been traced to some negative effects.  It has a lot of health benefits, some of which are;

It prevents eye problems and enhances eye health.
It helps lower high blood pressure.
It fights against anaemia.
It helps solve the problem of indigestion and constipation by improving the digestive system.
Reduces menstrual pain.
Help in treating liver disease.
It contains anti-cancer properties.
Zobo drink can help promote weight loss.
It can help treat depression in the early stages.
It has a good amount of vitamin C.

Raphael Osas Okhueleigbe is a Blogger, Content creator, Agricultural Economist, Resource manager, and the founder of greener health.


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