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On Sunday Sierra Leone Football witnessed the highest goals scored in football history as two teams Gulf FC and Kahunla Rangers tried to outscore each other to secure qualification for National Playoffs, Starnews gathered.




187 goals were scored in two games in the Sierra Leone lower Division.




Kahuna Rangers and Gulf FC had the same 32 points ahead of their last matches on Sunday.




Gulf FC was ahead in terms of goal difference and was looking to finish second to qualify for the Sierra Leone Premier League playoff.




After 90 minutes of both games, Gulf City won Ququima Lebanon by 91-1 while Kahunla Rangers beat Lumbebu United 95-0.




Supporters feel the unusual scores need to be investigated after the alleged 91-1 and 95-0 wins for Gulf FC and Kahunla Rangers in the playoffs




Both teams (Kahunla Rangers from Kenema and Gulf FC from Kono) went into the matches seeking to finish second to qualify for the Premier League playoff for the East to Join Freetown FC.




The Sierra Leone Football Association have commenced investigating both games.

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