Please advise me, my fiancée confesses sleeping with her 3 adopted brothers – Man cries out

A man who wrote under the condition of anonymity has sought advice from Nigerians over his plan to get married to his fiancee who confessed to having had sex with her three adopted brothers.

The 33 years old man said he is very much in love with her fiancee but claimed he is presently confused now after listening to her confession of sex escapade with her three adopted brothers.

She wrote to seek help. Please read below:

I need your help. I am a 33 years old young man. I would like to settle down and I have a very beautiful, hardworking and nice young lady that I would like to get married to. I met Nancy two years ago. She is an Engineer, she works with a client of mine.

Nancy is one of a kind young lady, not just because she is a lady engineer but because she is very good looking and intelligent. Beauty and brains. But there is an issue. Nancy is a classic case of a tomboy.

I know that women in engineering are in a male-dominated field and so can sometimes act like men but her own is more than the way she dresses or talks.

Nancy is a woman who does not know to be a woman. She cannot do anything domestic and she is not gentle or soft-spoken as you expect an average woman to be.

So, you see that she hangs out a lot with men in clubs than you see her at weddings. Initially, I thought she was gay but she is not. When I met her, all her rough edges did not bother me, I was just finding her so interesting.

Over time, I not only found her interesting, but I also fell in love with her. This relationship has been my happiest. Yes, people do not understand why I chose to be with such a woman but she makes me very happy.

She is fun to be with and she is kind and honest… too honest. As our relationship got more serious, she asked me how I feel about marriage…I thought she would like to hear that I have plans to marry her.

To my greatest surprise, Nancy said she is afraid of marrying because she knows she is not a typical wife personality. I laughed and told her she is special and any man who marries her would be very lucky.

As things went on, I noticed that she had some guys who she introduced to me as her brothers but they were not related. According to her, they were all in the university together and they were in the same department and were actually like very tight friends.

So, I accepted them too as her friends. They are close. All three guys with Nancy. They gist, call and even hang out sometimes. Two of them are married. The third one is in the UK. Nancy came from a broken home and she is not on good terms with her folks. So, these guys are like her true family.

Last month, I called each of the guys to tell them my intention about Nancy. That I intend to propose and would like them to be around when I propose to her in a surprise event. They all approved except Dino, one of the guys. He felt I was not good enough for Nancy. He told me, that he feels I am not the one for Nancy. I was surprised cos I never expected that.

In my mind, I was like…why is this guy rejecting me. He is married, could he be interested in Nancy? I tried to forget about him but this guy began to poison Nancy against me. He told Nancy that I am a bad choice for her. Nancy asked me what I did to Dino, and that Dino told her to stay away from me. That was when I told Nancy that Dino is behaving like he is in love with her, and he should behave cos he is married.

Nancy kept quiet when I mentioned that Dino is acting like he is in love with Nancy…the next thing she said is: Dino and the guys are more than brothers/friends to her. That all the three of them are in love with her, at one time or the other, and each one of them proposed to her because they cannot agree for one of them to marry her, to avoid enmity between all three of them, Nancy decided not to agree to any one of them.

In my head, I was like….how do you have 3 guys all in love with you and call them brothers? And you still hang out with them, even though they are married? I casually said…hmm, that means if they give Dino or any of the guys’ an opportunity, they will sleep with you. Nancy, in her being too honest blurted out: I have slept with all three of them.

It was like…someone hit me with a rock on my head. What?…you dated each one at one time? She said no….it was when she was sharing a room with them at the University …they used to take turns in sleeping with her or sometimes…all three slept with her.

I was shocked beyond words. why…how?… Nancy looked at me and said,…I would never understand and she broke up with me. Even though I am still in shock and devastated that Nancy slept with three guys at once and these guys are her so-called brothers, I find it hard to forget about her.

It’s been almost a month since she broke up with me. I have asked her to explain herself to me. She said no need….that she knows she cannot be a wife. What if I know half the things she has done, I won’t want to be with her. What else could she have done? I told her that I would like to know what else she has done because I love her regardless.

She said, before I even think of it, I should ask myself if I really mean it. We may talk very soon. She has agreed to see me this weekend. I love this girl die. I don’t even care about her relationship with these guys…if only she will cut off from them especially Dino whom I fear has not gotten over Nancy.

Am I crazy for wanting to still want Nancy? My fear is if she is still in love with any of these guys….she said that part of her life is over.

Do you believe her? This is very confusing for me. I like her a lot…I love her a lot…but will she break my heart? With these three guys still hanging around her in one way or the other? Please advise me.


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