Pilot accused of assaulting stewardess sexually suspended

April 22, 2023

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A British Airways pilot has reportedly been accused of sexually assaulting one of his stewardesses on a drunken night out between flights.

The aviator was taken and questioned in east Asia after the alleged victim reported him to the police.

Other members of the crew – who were on the flight which departed from London last week – have reportedly been asked to assist with official inquiries.

The incident – which ‘disturbed’ many BA staff – allegedly occurred when the female member of the cabin crew was out with her colleagues.

After the accusations were made a different flight crew was sent out by BA to work on the return flight back to the UK.

And a ‘crisis team’ from airline British Airways, comprised of their own security executives, are said to have flown to east Asia to start an investigation of their own, the Sun reports.

The pilot accused of sexual assault has been suspended from his job dependent on the outcomes of BA’s and police enquiries.

The woman who accuse him is reportedly being supported by the airline and has been taken off duty from flying.

Her and the pilot were flown home as passengers on different BA flights.

A source told the Sun that the ‘serious episode has disturbed many within BA’, adding that for an experienced pilot to be involved with police matters between flights was ‘highly irregular’.

They said that bosses at the airline wanted keep in incident ‘under wraps’.

A British Airways spokesperson said: ‘As there is an ongoing police investigation it would be inappropriate to comment.’

Credit: Daily Mail

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