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* Reno Omokri, other Nigerians react as Keyamo calls Buhari ‘friend of the poor’

Reno Omokri and other Nigerians have reacted to a statement credited to Festus Keyamo (SAN), after he tweeted yesterday and described President Muhammadu Buhari as ‘friend of the poor.’

Keyamo, who mocked the opposition Peoples Democratic Party on Wednesday, described Buhari as: “The nightmare of PDP since 2003! The demystifier of old power-blocs! The slayer of the corrupt! The friend of the poor! The one the thieves love to hate! My guy!”

The tweet generated lot of reactions yesterday within 15 hours with lot of Nigerians taking up Keyamo, the Director, Strategic Communications of President Buhari 2019 Presidential Campaign.

In swift reaction on Thursday, Reno Omokri, a known critic of president Buhari’s administration, tweeted back at Keyamo by saying: “Fetus Keyamo is correct when he calls President Muhammadu Buhari ‘friend of the poor’. President Buhara loves the poor so much, he DOUBLED their number in just 4 years. Not only does he love the poor, he loves EXTREME POVERTY and made Nigeria its headquarters #BuhariFriendofPoverty”

Some other Nigerians reacted as well. Many social media followers of Keyamo agreed with his viewpoint while many also saw things differently, and this they expressed with memes and other funny reactions on his verified Twitter handle, @fkeyamoother Nigerians

A Nigerian, Fatiu Abdulmalik wrote:

“During GEJ:

Petrol = N87/Ltr 

Fuel Subsidy = N600 Billion

Nigerians: GEJ is a thief, GEJ Must Go!

Now it’s PMB:

Petrol = N145/Ltr 

Fuel Subsidy = N2.95 Trillion 

Nigerians: PMB has integrity he is fighting corruption! 🤔“

In his own opinion, fenco wrote:

“How much was fuel before GEJ and were there fuel subsidy before GEJ? Nigeria wasn’t good under GEJ biko”

Another Twitter user, the King wrote:

“You forgot to add, the ‘purveyor of poverty’ . The only man whose integrity only manifests when hunting the opposition, but turns a blind eye to his kinsmen taking bribes in dollars. Oh yes he is a legendary conman and posterity will judge him accordingly.”

While supporting Keyamo’s view, Gloria Adagbon wrote: “Sai Baba…the friend of the masses, the peoples’ President, Mr Integrity, Mr Incorruptible, Mai Gaskiya.Thank you Keyamo SAN!!”

Chibuzo King Absolute, in her own response, tweeted: “The nightmare of NIGERIA since 2015! The demystifier of DEVELOPMENT! The slayer of the ECONOMY! The friend of the GULLIBLE! The lover of BLOODSHED! The DEAF & DUMB to critical situations! The one the SENSIBLES hate to love!”

Another tweeter user, Ologunowa Sunday said: “Pls give us more sterling qualities of Nigeria’s no. 1 citizen. Through him so many shall rise and fall. What a man of destiny! Carry go our dear President. Allah is always ur strength Sir.”

According to Anthonio Kekeocha, Festus Keyomo is biased. He wrote : “I love the way you defend this man.  You don’t see anything wrong with all he’s doing.  With the killings in Zamfara and some parts of the north. You are enjoying what’s happening in the country right?”


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