Nollywood Actress Akinola Bose hints fans about her strength, weakness

April 30, 2022

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  •  Shares secrets of her happy home, unbroken marriage
  •  Drops message for Nigerians

Actress Bose Akinola is a Nigerian Actress, a Yoruba Nationalist, Film-maker, and a Producer who had both primary and secondary education in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital. She is one of the few Nollywood Actresses who has a happy home and unbroken marriage. In this interview with Akinrinlola Olumide, Chief Editor of Starnews Nigeria Online Newspaper (, she opened up on her strength and weakness.

She also shared with Starnews Nigeria the secrets that keep her marriage intact. She has a message for her fans and Nigerians at large.

Says her latest project is ARANDA EKUN COMING SOON.

Here are excerpts of the interview below:

Good morning ma, you are one of the favourites of Nigerians in the Nollywood industry, can you pls tell your fans more about yourself (your brief profile)?

My name is Bose Akinola, a Nollywood Actress, Film Producer. I grew up in Onifade’s family. I had my primary education in Omoyeni primary school Ibadan, and secondary education at Community grammar school and Adekile Goodwill Ibadan. I am happily married with lovely kids.

You seem to be a good manager of marriage i.e, one of the few Nollywood Actresses with a happy home and unbroken marriage, what’s your secret?

It’s being God all the way. I mean God Almighty. I must also say that perseverance, tolerance and humility are the secrets that keep my marriage intact.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

My greatest strength is when I produced good jobs and they are acceptable to the people. My weakness is my lack of money. Money is very important in the industry. Sincerely, lack of money is my greatest weakness.

What do you enjoy most about acting? And what attracted you to join acting?

I love everything about acting. I love acting, the reason I joined.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as an actress?

My greatest accomplishment is that everything is going on according to my plan and I give glory to God for that. With little help, I know I will realise my dreams and get to my promised land.

Can you speak on why Nollywood actors and actresses are having broken marriages?

First, let me correct that impression, broken homes occur everywhere, not only in the industry and it is not peculiar to the Nollywood industry alone. It’s one of the common marriage problems across the world. But I advise couples to put God first in their marriage and imbibe the spirit of perseverance, tolerance, and humility. Couples must tolerate each other and manage their deficiencies as no human being on earth is perfect. As such, you can’t have a perfect couple and a perfect marriage. I am also of the opinion that women must humble themselves in marriage no matter how highly placed. Both Bible and the Quran recognise the man as the head of his wife.

What’s your latest project?

My latest project is ARANDA EKUN COMING SOON.

What message do you have for your fans and Nigerians?

My fans and Nigerians at large should hold on to God, stay humble, and work hard, and every one of their dreams will come to reality. My take, thank you.

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