Mother of holistic medicine who still rides tricycle at 102 yrs gives tips for good health, long life

June 3, 2023

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A 102-year-old doctor has revealed her surprising tips and tricks for a longer life.

Dr Gladys McGarey – who still practices and regularly rides around on a tricycle in her Scottsdale, Arizona home – explained the key isn’t some secret superfood or power ingredient.

Instead, the main thing she suggested everyone should do is drink plenty of water.

While it’s been said time and time again for decades, Dr Gladys told FEMAIL that making sure you stay hydrated is essential for preventing future issues.

She explained: ‘I would advise everyone to drink lots of water.’

The doctor explained that not hydrating ourselves adequately can lead to a myriad of problems down the line.

‘Our bodies are largely made of water. It needs water to sustain itself.

‘Without sufficient water, it can cause memory issues, confusion and other health issues.

‘Drinking water is something that is simple for us here in the US and other developed countries that contribute to our health awell-beinging.’

What’s more, she added that there is no one ‘bad’ ingredient she would advise everyone avoid.

‘There is no one size that fits all,’ she said. ‘If someone hates something, it won’t serve them.

Our emotions are as much a part of our food as any of the other ingredients.’

She explained that the feelings we attach to what we eat are as vital in shaping our diet experience.

She said: ‘My father hated chocolate. He refused to eat it. My mother always made a point of getting him a chocolate bar for his birthday!

‘He hated it and refused to eat it. My mother and all of us kids loved it. She would split it so we all got a piece.

My father hated the chocolate but enjoyed seeing how much we loved it.’

Dr Gladys is known as the mother of holistic medicine, a form of healing that takes the patient’s mind, body, and spirit into account during treatment.

She co-founded the American Board of Holistic Medicine and had a family practice for more than 60 years.

The mother-of-six continues to work as a consulting doctor and writer.

The doctor also shared that the worst thing you can for your body isn’t any big, bad substance but rather – a toxic mindset – saying you should you never ‘forget who you are’.

When you forget who you really are, you don’t treat your body as the magnificent creation it is,’ she explained.

Dr Gladys was 100 when she started penning her new book, The Well-Lived Life: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age, which was published earlier this month.

My days are pretty simple: In the mornings I stretch, say a prayer, eat a healthigh-fibreber breakfast and a cup of coffee and go about my day. I check in with my friend Rose about my 10-year plan every morning, which helps me know which direction I’m going with my life.

‘At midday I eat a healthy lunch like a salad or perhaps something heavier before taking an hour-long nap.

‘At some point along the way I try to get my 3800 steps in with my walker, which I often do just walking around my home.

‘Then I eat something lighter for dinner so I don’t go to bed with a heavy stomach, go to bed at 8:00 to be sure that even if I don’t sleep – that happens less as we get older–I get plenty of rest.

‘I make sure to stay hydrated throughout the entire day, too.

‘Just about every aspect of my routine is geared toward lining up my purpose and keeping things moving.

‘This keeps my life force active and healthy.

In addition to my daily routine, I receive a full-body massage weekly to move the lymph and nourish my cells.

‘The touch is nourishing to my mind and soul, too. I believe everyone needs some sort of safe and comforting touch from others, whether they can afford it through bodywork or just through curling up with a loved one or a pet.

‘I’m also sure to hug people regularly, so I get many warm hugs throughout my week.

‘If I’m lucky enough to hug a grandchild, even better.

‘I also have a tricycle that I ride around my property regularly, whenever the weather will allow me to do so comfortably, or just whenever I want to.

‘I ride slowly and I enjoy every minute of it.

Credit: Daily Mail

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