Keke NAPEP Driver Gets N400,000 After Returning Missing N12 Million 

September 16, 2023

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A Keke NAPEP Driver in Kano, Auwalu Salisu has returned N12 million forgotten by one of his passengers to the owner.

The money was left by the passenger on Thursday and was returned to them on Saturday. He returned the money which is in CFA and Naira denominations (CFA10.130 million and N2.938million) after hearing an announcement on Arewa Radio 93.1 Kano.

He was given a reward of N400,000 by the owner who appreciated his honesty. Speaking to Arewa Radio in a video posted by the Radio Station on its Facebook page on Saturday, Salisu said, he returned the money because it does not belong to him.

He said, although the money was huge, it will not add anything to his life if he didn’t return to the owner because Allah will not bless anything he does with the money since it belongs to somebody who sweated to get it.

Narrating how the thing happened, he said, “I took them from Badawa to a place near Yankaba. I didn’t realize that they have forgotten the money. I saw a bag containing the money at the back. I touched it and I realized that it contained bundles of money.

“When I opened it and saw the money, I quickly went home and showed it to my mother who then instructed me to show it to my father. He then called his brother and we went back to look for the owner, but we didn’t see them.

“I went into the building close to where they disembarked, I look everywhere but I didn’t see them. So, I went back and told my father and my uncle that I haven’t seen them. So, we went back home and kept the money safe and waited to hear any announcement about people who left their money in a Keke NAPEP.

“I later heard an announcement on Arewa Radio, I took the phone number provided and called in the morning. I called about five times and the call was not answered. I later called the second number provided and they picked it. They asked me about where to meet me, I said I will come to Arewa Radio, but they said they will meet me at my place in Badawa. But I insisted that we should meet at the Radio Station and they agreed. We went there at 10:am to handover the bag of money”, he said.

On his part, a friend of the owner, Musa Hassan who appreciated the Keke Driver’s honesty commended him for being a God fearing young man who despite being poor sees it right to return the money untouched to the owner.

Hassan who spoke amidst intermitted cry said, it is very hard to find an honest boy like Auwalu whose parents are poor to return a huge amount of money especially at this time of hardship. He informed that they were told by the father of the boy that the family took Gari even on the day of the incident while waiting to hear about the owner of the money they kept at home.

Starnews Nigeria reports that the owner of the money who was a Chadian and cannot speak Hausa was seen crying as his friend speaks in the video.

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