After Close Observation, I Prefer Hell To Heaven

November 17, 2022

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By Fr Michael Meladu

A story was told about a certain man who died and found himself at the gate of heaven . Luckily for him, that very day was declared a bonanza by God. There was a standing instruction that suspended judgement, leaving clients with the option to simply choose freely between heaven and hell.

Just as expected, this man opted for heaven though with a request to be allowed an opportunity to also pay a visit to hell and see how it looks like.

This was a difficult request but since a bonanza was on, it was granted him. He stepped into heaven and the experience was awesome. The environment was calm and serene. God was on his throne surrounded by a host of heavenly powers singing in unison. Around the throne of God, this man saw who is who in the who-hood. It was breathe taken.

Without much ado, he was shown to his room. What a master architectural edifice it was. The experience was overwhelming. At this point, he felt his days on earth were actually wasted, and things he counted precious on earth were not worth going under the banner .

He was still lost in admiration when an Angel reminded him of his earlier request to pay a visit to hell. With this, he was taken to a lift that lowered him down into hell. The gate got upon and what he saw gave him a shock of his life. What a beautiful place it was. Those in there were looking as good as those in heaven. But unlike heaven that was so serene and calm, in hell, there was loud music, assorted drinks, party going on at every corner. It was a free world for all. He saw a few of his dead friends who looked cute and kept.

With this, he approached a good looking young lady who kept smiling at him . He asked her, is this hell? She smiled all the more and answered gently, yes it is. He asked further, what about the devil? She gave him a seat and went in to call their master . The devil appeared with no horns on his head, no tail, no red eyes, no unkept nails nor any of those other features associated with him. He looked gentle and clean. He was actually very fair in complexion; on a white suite, well kept and oiled hair, he had on a powerful perfume that permeated the entire hall.

In his confusion, the man asked, devil, is that you? He answered with a soft voice , yes, it is I. The man went further, what have you done to Rev. Fathers , pastors, Imams, that they have decided to paint you and your kingdom so dark? The devil replied , ” don’t mind those people” with this reply from the devil, the man changed his mind to relocate to hell.

He horridly got into the lift which took him back to heaven. He made for his room; picked up his belongings and was about to leave . Angel Michael approached him with a million reasons why he must reconsider his decision and never trust the devil. But the man insisted, saying that heaven was over rated after all. According to him, the negative talks about the devil were also as a result of unwarranted hatred.

Finally, he got into the lift, and the returning key was taken away from him since he was going never to return. He got there; the automatic sliding door gave way . But surprisingly, everything had changed. The place was polluted with a horrible odour. The inhabitants were looking skeletal and eaten up by worms and magots. There was only a sound of continues wailing and no more music

While he stood there wondering if he was in the right place, a door got opened and the devil came out, with horns on his head, very dark in complexion, with fiery eyes, a long tail and nails. The man asked , isn’t it where I came a while a go? How come everything has changed? The devil told him, things looked that way the other time you came because, we were in campaign period. Now, we have won you over, so, this is the real situation.

My dear people of Nigeria, campaigns are here with us. Many demonic leaders will try to appear pleasant before you. Those who held back workers’ wages and sent many citizens to their untimely graves may even start paying immediately. Those who underperformed may begin to roll out projects . Stingy ones may suddenly become philanthropists, those who don’t pick calls will start calling you. Many will start eating corn by roads side. You will see them in all burials and even naming ceremonies.

Be wise in making your choice . Other wise by the time you realize the falsehood, it maybe too late for you to go back. The door will be shot for the next four years and your return key which is PVC (your vote ) would have been taken away from you. No talk say I no tell you o.

I am observing from the usual point.

I remain the Desert Voice.

Father Michael Meladu writes in to warn the Nigerian electorate about the 2023 general election.

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