Video: 27 Dead,18 In Critical Condition For Drinking Bleach In Church To Cleanse Sins

27 peoples were reportedly dead with 18 peoples presently in critical condition for allegedly drinking ‘JIK’ (A Bleaching Detergent) for the cleansing of their sins.

The incident happened in Zambian church recently. 

Reports had it that some educated nurses and teachers were also part of the victims.

According to the video by Dr. Mumbi Seraki, the pastor was alleged to have convinced about forty congregants to drink the Jik (bleaching detergent) as a means of driving out demons and cleansing their sins.

The pastor was alleged to have claimed that some members of his church were already possessed by the devil and their progress hindered, thereby ministering to them to drink the ‘JIK’ for deliverance.

No arrests have been made yet by the Zambian police according to the video.

The media space was flooded with report of a Zambian pastor who asked his congregants to fight one another to drive out demons just last week.

This is another report from the same country less down a month.

Watch the video

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