Unraveling The Secret Things About Dreams-Your Spirtual Monitor

Pst Olumide Akinrinlola

Some Dictionaries define “Dream”  as a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep.

To dream is peculiar to all living being. I am not sure of the dead but I know everyone is dreaming. But not everyone remembers their dreams. Base on this fact, some will say I don’t dream at all which is not correct.

Origin of Dreams.

Dreams can come from God, the devil and can be manufactured by yourself.

* God

God uses dream most often to speak to people over things of the Spirit that Natural Eyes can’t see or what a trained psychologist can’t decode.

Our God can use dreams base on the following:

To restrain evil. Gen 20:3

To reveal God’s will. Gen 28:1-22 

To encourage. Judges 7:13-15

To reveal the future. Gen 37:5-10

To instruct. Mathew 1:20

To warn. Mathew 2:12 (Daniel 4)

To Guide. Act 16:6-10

To Provide answers. Ezekiel 1:1

God can use dream to also speak to unbelievers. God spoke to Pharaoh in Gen 41:1-7 through dream to warn him. What about Abimelech in Gen 20:3-7.

* The Devil

Satan also reveals things to people. Satan is also another source of dreams. Satan can also appear or send messages to people in their dreams. Not all dreams are from God.

Purpose of Satanic Dreams

Satan uses Dreams to steal, to kill, and to destroy .(John 10:10.) Satan does not have other mission on earth than to do you evil.

*Dreams manufactured by Yourself

These are your thoughts or imagination before you go to bed. It is not real. This is a dream you created by yourself before you sleep base on the thought of your heart. It is not original. Though, you are a product of your imagination if you are fervent in prayer and has faith in what you imagined. And if you are the type that use to imagine evil, you are also a product of your imagination except if you know how to rebuke such evil imagination via prayer attached with faith.

Your dream is your spiritual monitor. It helps you to know lot of things you can’t know physically about yourself ( story of Joseph in Genesis 37).

Some will say you are what you are in your dream, this is correct and not correct. You are only what you are in your dream if you accept defeat or refuse to reject the evil dreams. The Bible says: “And the tongue is a fire” (James 3:6) which means with our tongue, we have power to accept or reject anything.

You have power to nullify every dreams not from God or every dreams not satisfactory to you.

How To Discern Your True Dream

– Be familiar with what the scripture says about what you dreamt about. 

– Your Bible can be a guide. 

– Try to recall what you thought about before you sleep. 

– You can ask God about it ( The Holy Spirit) is there to help you if you pray about it.

– Try to know the meaning of your dream and what it’s saying.

Dreams And Interpretation

Dreams are messages containing important information for our lives.(In Mathew 1:20, God asked Joseph and the mother of Jesus, Mary, to change their location in order to protect the new born Saviour from being harmed)

Interpretation of Dreams

Dreams interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to your dreams.

Dreams have various messages, information, and different interpretations. At times, some dreams may mean different things to different people. My point here is that the meaning of a dream to Mr. Alaba might mean something else to Mr Taiwo. Some meanings attach to your dreams can mean another different things to another person.

Not all dreams are interpreted straight jacketedly. Meaning of some dreams could easily be fathomed with some symbolic objects that are often common in our dreams. But some dreams are so difficult to understand, except with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Same object or same symbol can denote and connote. What I mean is that one singular object or symbol can mean different things depending on how such dreams happen.

For example, carrying heavy load can signify a bad omen and can as well signify a good omen, it all depends on what is contained in such a load. E. g, carrying a heavy load of money is not the same with someone carrying a heavy load of useless or dirty materials.

To get correct interpretation, one needs the help of the Holy Spirit. Though some people are gifted in the interpretation of dreams. But some difficult dreams are best interpreted with the help of the Holy Spirit (Daniel 2:19).

Listening to what the spirit of God is saying is the honest means by which a dream could be interpreted accurately. When the spirit of God gave a dreams, such dreams are best interpreted by the spirit of God who gave it. Read the book of ( Genesis 40:8 and the book of Daniel 1:17 ).

My point is that Dreams given by God are best interpreted by God. If you can’t hear from the Holy Spirit, there are people (Men of God) who could be of help with help of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pastor or ordinary church member. You may be a pastor and not good in dreams interpretation. Some people are just gifted and they are good in the interpretation of dreams while some are so blessed by the Holy Spirit just like Joseph and Daniel in the Bible to the extent that they already know the meaning of your dream before you finish explaning what you dreamt about. It’s all about the Holy Spirit.

How To Interpret A Dream?

– Try to remember your dream correctly. Many people often forget their dreams which is a very serious problem. But that is (Another lecture for another day)

– You can write down what you saw in your dream so as not to forget easily.

– Is your dream symbolic? What are some of the symbols or object you saw in the dream?

– Relate, and try to remember what is happening in your life at the moment before you had such dreams.

– Review your current prayers before such dreams happened.

Dreams Symbols And Meaning

Remember most of Joseph dreams were symbolic. So also many dreams today. Read (Genesis 37:1-11).

– Playing of Football: It signifies a breakthrough coming your way.

– Scoring ball in your dream: A done breakthrough that will manifest itself quickly.

– Seeing yourself in former places: e. g, your primary or secondary school even after you have graduated OR move on with new life, your former rented apartment after you had moved to your new house etc. This is a Symbol of Backwardness.

– Harvesting pepper : Affliction

– Eating : Not good.

– Sexual intercourse: very bad

– Weeping: it’s always more of positive thing than negative as people erroneously believed.

– Spending money : spiritual thieves already in your finances collecting your money.

– Receiving money: Blessings

– In company of snakes, or in company of people in the sea or river playing together : You are possessed. You have familiar spirit

– Seeing dead relatives: there’s a soul tie covenant between you and the dead relatives. Though it also represents signs of untimely death but not in all cases. Some were caused due to soul tie covenant may be because of the love for such person when alive.

– Fighting a friend or quarreling seriously with someone: A physical fight may soon broke out that might ruin your relationship if you don’t pray to cancel such dream.

– Picking snail, tortoise : It means crawling progress.

– Making or receiving phone calls : Divine connection

– wearing rag or used cloth : Backwardness

– Enjoying in an Hotel : Temporary comfort

– Climbing staircase or high places or rock : progression

– unable to succeed climbing : Negative

– falling from climbing : negative

– climbing up and can’t come down : please pray. Not too good

– cutting of OR barbing of hair : attack on your glory. Pray against glory robbers.

– stolen shoes: attack on your marriage.

– missing a flight or transport : missed opportunity

– road block : spiritual obstacles

– Removal of teeth: not too good especially a mature person

– Being Trapped : Inability to escape . Pray very well

– praying, singing, worshiping God or thanking Him : good dreams

– drinking water : very good.

– Driving a vehicle. It’s a good one. You are in charge especially when people inside the car are many.

-When they are driving you : Not bad, and may not be too good as well. Depends on how you dreamt it.

– writing exam : positive if it is a higher exam to shift position. The other side is bad. When a university student still write waec in the dream is a serious bad and negative dream.

I am just giving you few tips among several dreams symbols and meanings. But the truth is, there is no how bad a dream is, it cannot manifest against you physically if you know how to deal with your dreams and subject it to your control.

How To Deal With Evil Dreams And Have Influence On Your Dreams

Having bad dreams is not a good omen. Bad dream is a reflection of evil things happening in your life or about to happen to you physically.

Like I said in my previous messages, your dream is your spiritual monitor. Dream is a thing every child of God should take seriously. Most of the battles or things that happened to us did happen in the night when we sleep. (Mathew 13:25)

*How To Deal With Evil Dreams

There are many ways you can deal with evil dreams. It depends on whom you are in Christ. It also depends on the level of faith and spiritual growth of individuals.

– Dreams can be canceled with the authority you have in Christ with mere prophetic pronouncements without much worry or much prayer. It all depends on whom you are in Christ. (John 14:14)

– Dreams can also be canceled with faith holding unto a particular scripture to reject and rebuke such dreams without much stress or worry (2Corithians 10:4-5)

– The last stage is by embarking on a sharp shooting prayers that kill evil dreams like pastor Olukoya use to teach us in those days.

Below tips may help:

* Every dreams and visions assign against my life and family, die in the name of Jesus Christ.

* Every power behind evil dreams and visions in my life, expire in the name of Jesus Christ.

* Any dream or vision program to manifest against my life and family, backfire.

* I fire back every arrow fire into my dream land in the name of Jesus Christ.

*Another way to deal with evil dreams is by holding consistence vigil. Learn to always stand up and pray at night.

How To Influence your Dream And Mitigate Evil Dreams

You see! The problem we have is that we are suffering from a disease call ignorance. To influence your dream and manage your dream land is VERY easy.

Develop the habit of reading 10 chapters of the bible before you sleep. Read 10 chapters of the word of God when you are getting close to the time you want to sleep.

When you are Reading the Bible, God is  talking to you but when you are praying ,you are talking God.

The point here is that when you are reading the Bible before you sleep, God always talk to you before going to bed. It is very unlikely to have bad dreams.

Also fill your room with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Also incubate your life with Holy Ghost Fire before you finally sleep off. Do this every day when going to bed and you will discover all you need are these tips and not deliverance where you will be subjected to marathon fasting .

*How To Resist Night Caterer From Feeding You in the dream And Stop Spirit Husband or Wife From having sex with you in the dream.

Solution to eating in the dream and having sex are  also simple. I decided to dwell on this being part of the common evil dreams the devil is using to attack its victim.

Eating in the dream

If you are eating in the dream, the moment you dream such dream and wake up, turn your hand to a CUP and use it to drink the blood of Jesus Christ 7 times. Such evil deposit will be destroyed or end up nourishing your body. The Bible says he prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies (read psalm 23:5). Eating in the dream is not good. We must do everything possible to avoid eating in our dream. Though there are some things we eat in our dreams that are very good and that symbolise good dream. But even at that, we supposed to turn every evil food we eat in our dream to nourish our body as a child of God if we follow the above tips with strong faith. If evil dream repeat itself 10 times, we are to repeat the above steps and follow the instruction. If you understand this secret, I tell you, the night caterer won’t be coming again coz they won’t like to keep cooking for you and be wasting their food.

The Bible has said it all, that: “If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; (Mark 16:8)”. The scriptures here is referring to we the children of God.

– Sex in the dream.

This is also very easy. All you need do is to always cover your sexual organ before sleeping with the blood of Jesus Christ. Second, you must also barricade or laminate your sexual organ with the fire of the Holy Spirit.NOTE that If you wake up to urinate in the night, you have to re-apply that Blood of Jesus Christ and re-apply the Fire of the Holy Spirit again before you continue your sleep. Otherwise, the spirit husband or wife will come back

As a man, you can also go far by turning your male organ to the Rod of Fire. If you are a woman, you can do same thing by turning your woman organ to Well of Fire . If you do this, that spirit wife or spirt husband is in trouble if out of desperation, they go ahead to have sexual inercourse with you.

If you are used to doing  this thing, any spiritual husband or wife that get sense will NEVER dare  try you. If they do, you will end up killing them.

Before I got married, that was how I won my own battle when having such dreams. I remember I slept with a spirit wife till she died. And ever since then before my marriage, others who are coming to sleep with me always runaway whenever I bring out my sex organ. The reason was because I already truned by Sex Organ to the rod of fire before sleeping.

They won’t allow me sleep with them anytime I do this because they don’t want the Rod of Fire to pierce through their own organ cos it could also lead to their death.

Lol and behold, this was the short cut I used to deal with them and I had victory over them. But most importantly, all these may not work for you if you are not in Christ.

Only someone that knows Jesus Christ and have relationship with God can use this medium to fight the devil. Otherwise, don’t call me a liar if you apply this and it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t be surprised if the devil slap you after sleeping with you cos you have no salvation. That’s why you are to first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness before you follow these free tips which is like a blank cheque given to you.

I Just told you the truth….

If I were you, I will Say : Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sin. Forgive me. (confess your sin) I accept you today as my Lord and Saviour, come into my life and remain there forever. Amen.

Pastor Akinrinlola Olumide, is a minister of God, an end time soldier for Christ and the convener of Jesus Christ Is Coming soon Gospel Ministry dedicated to inform the world and depopulate the kingdom of darkness.

You can reach him on: oakinrinlola@gmail.com or through whatsapp on 08067386539

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