Why many Lawmakers don’t come home – Hon Adeogun

August 8, 2021

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  •  I don’t know how to say no to my people
  •  Nobody visits me and return home empty
  •  My philosophy is to mentor people and help others
  •  Why I concentrate my programme on education and skills
  •  Supreme Court does not question the legitimacy of Buni
  •  Returning an experienced Lawmaker to the assembly is in the best interest of constituents

Hon. Ade Adeogun, representing Akoko South-East/Akoko South-West Federal Constituency of Ondo State in the Federal House of Representatives, has given the reason many of the Nigerian Lawmakers don’t go back home regularly after being elected into the National Assembly.

Starnews Nigeria reports that Adeogun said some Lawmakers don’t go back home regularly because it is too expensive and economically unviable.

During a media chat with journalists at Heritage hotel in Akure on Saturday, on inquiry, the Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on National Security and Intelligence, said, “It takes the grace of God for a Lawmaker to come home regularly. This is because it is too expensive and economically unviable. If I come to my constituency and I spend one day, the minimum I spend per day is N1M. Whenever I am at home, I spend an average of N1M per day.”

“As of today, I have spent about N3M. How much are we being paid? Forget about the story that a legislator is earning N60M as take home. It is false.”

“I came home last week, I was here for ‘Ileya’ (Sallah) and now, I am around again. If I calculate how much I spent alone on Ileya considering the number of rams I bought for the people at the cost of N70, 000 per one, and those who didn’t get ram got something from me, you will know that it is not sustainable. That’s why many people don’t go home. This is the reason they are running away. But I am doing it for a purpose. I live my life based on purpose. I am building into society. Those of us doing it are doing it for a purpose. I am not into politics to wear ‘agbada’ or to be called honourable,” the Lawmaker added.

He stressed further that he is into politics for a purpose. “I am mentoring people. My philosophy is to help others. Before I ventured into politics, I have determined to live my life to mentor people and help others.”

“I have someone in Abuja who said he doesn’t know how to say no. I am in that shoe because I don’t know how to say no to my people. When I said no, I will still ensure the person didn’t go back empty. It is part of my philosophy that nobody visits me and return home with empty hands. But how many people have the economic power to sustain this? That’s why many of them won’t come home regularly because it is too expensive”, he said.

Concerning the concentration of his empowerment programme on Education and skills, Hon Adeogun said his aim is to raise the level of education of the people and their level of knowledge to have good potentials for better employment.

“I have chosen to concentrate on certain areas; education and skills. Those are the
two areas that I think will affect the level of education. Let’s build a skill centre for Ondo state where everyone will come to. The scholarship will help people to have an education. It is a three-year programme. The first set started last year. We have the second set now, so after this, we will have another one next year.”

In another development, the Federal Lawmaker said his experience as a Legislator has shown that every Lawmaker gets better with longevity. According to him, the more time a Lawmaker spend in the assembly, the more influence he gets, and the more experience he has.

He stated this while responding to a question about his chances of returning to the National Assembly in 2023. He said: “Each time we ask a legislator to spend one term we are shortchanging ourselves because only smart legislators will know what to do in the first two years.”

“Most of us spend the first two years looking around trying to figure out what is happening. We don’t get quality performance because we
short-change ourselves by believing that legislator’s election is turned by turn.”

“Sending the best hands to the assembly is not about sending a smart person but also someone who is experienced. There is a lot I need to do and there is a lot I can do, so it will be in the best interest of my people to vote me again.”

Responding to question on the legitimacy of Buni – APC led executive following the recent judgement by the Supreme Court in the case of Eyitayo Jegede vs Akeredolu on the 2020 Ondo State governorship election, he said: “I don’t think you have read the judgement yourself. Don’t listen to hearsay. The Supreme Court does not question the legitimacy of Buni led APC executive. The Court said he’s holding an Adhoc position.”

“They have stated their facts. APC is sitting on the right footings. Buni position is safe. It has no negative effect on the APC and our Congress. There is a majority judgement and it is very clear. Even at that, whoever went to court does not join Buni. There is no controversy over that. The court doesn’t question the legitimacy of Buni. It is a non-issue.”


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