Uzoma, 39, becomes first Nigerian born elected Lawmaker in Canada after 150 years

March 31, 2024

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Uzoma Asagwara has made headlines as one of the first black persons, in the 150-year history of the Manitoba legislature, to be elected.

The 39-year-old politician, born and raised in Nigeria, had a passion for healthcare. It was ignited at a young age by the disparities she witnessed in her community.

Uzoma migrated to Canada, where she studied for a combined Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Psychiatric Nursing. She had previously worked as an addictions specialist and psych nurse in Canada where she gained firsthand experience in the healthcare system and witnessed the challenges faced by seniors and those in long-term care facilities.
Motivated by a desire to enact meaningful change, she became increasingly involved in community organising and advocacy.

Before politics, Asagwara was a University of Winnipeg basketball star. She was named the University of Winnipeg 2006 Female Athlete of the Year at the annual Wesmen Athletics Award Banquet in 2006.

Uzoma’s dedication and leadership caught the attention of the NDP, who recognized her as a champion for marginalized communities and a tireless advocate for healthcare reform.

Through her grassroots activism and compassionate approach to governance, she earned the trust and support of her constituents, ultimately leading to her appointment as Minister of Health, Seniors, and Long-Term Care.

Uzoma, with her unique blend of expertise, empathy, and determination, embarked on a mission to transform the healthcare system, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their age or background, received the care and support they deserved. Her journey from a passionate advocate to a respected minister is a testament to the power of perseverance and the impact of compassionate leadership.


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