SHOCKING: Man who spent $14,000 to turn into dog takes first public walk

September 7, 2023

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A Japanese man named Toco has fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a dog.

This man spent $14,000 to transform himself into the dog breed, border collie. He purchased a hyper realistic dog costume created by a Japanese company.

It was reported that he wore the disguise regularly as a hobby but, he finally got the opportunity to take his first steps out into the world as a dog.

Filming his experience for his social platform, Toco regularly performs different tasks like going for walks, getting in a cage, sipping coke etc. It is obvious this human dog is fully embracing his newly found identity.

However, recently he was spotted taking his first public walk as a dog. Interestingly, as he strolled along, he made friends with other dogs he met. Many passersby with their pets were captivated by Toco’s realistic appearance. His convincing fury looks and walk steps must have been the cursor.

It was obvious they couldn’t detect that he was a human in disguise. In notes, Toco revealed that he has always wanted to be a dog since childhood. According to Toco, hiding his human identity, he hoped to avoid the judgement that often accompanies unconventional choices.

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