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Senator Dino Melaye, the Senator representing Kogi West of Kogi State of Nigeria, seem to have recovered from illness, as he appears on Twitter with the release of some prophetic prayers for his followers.

Some of his prayers on Twitter read below :

“God shall cause you to escape like a bird out of a snare. Every ranging storm shall be stilled for Jehovah Nissi shall fight your battles and you shall hold your peace. Every thing God created in time, space and eternity will cooperate with you and work in your favour”

Beloved “it is written surely they shall gather but not by Me says the Lord” Therefore every gathering of the wicked against your life shall not stand, every conspiracy, agreement, imagination from hell against your life and destiny shall be destroyed by fire.”

“In your life henceforth, every Embargo is lifted, Restrictions removed, every Chain broken, Limitations cancelled, Barriers dismantled, Sicknesses and Accidents rejected and Death is utterly refuted and shifted away in Jesus name. Amen””

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