By Tope Temokun

No justification at all for this postponement.
It is just as insensitive as we have always been.

If insecurity is the reason, when do we know there will be security in the land? We lost that long ago and only God can now guarantee that, not the president, not the police.

If inadequate preparations, then no excuse at all, for how many months?

If court orders here and there, who says there will not be more controversial court orders and judgments in the next few days.

If inadequate distribution of materials, will materials ever be evenly adequately distributed and which disenfranchisement are we talking about, even when materials are adequately distributed, will half of those who are supposed to vote not still fail to do either for apathy and lack of interest or for lack of conducive atmosphere to freely exercise that right?

Can there ever be a perfect election in an imperfect society? So why deceiving Nigerians that there is any justification for this postponement?

This is bad, insensitive, suspicious on both sides (APC and PDP not exonerated) and it is not defendable! It is the voting populace the political class are trying to toss around like football just to perfect their game of fraud, insensitive to the sacrifice large number of the voting populace have made to get to their various voting towns and villages from their working locations.

INEC just lost a mark!

Tope Temokun is a Lagos based Lawyer and a public analyst