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President Buhari stated the above in an interview with the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, aired on Thursday night.

The President also said that he tried about three times to contest for Presidency before he emerged, and so anyone that wants to become the next president should also work for it.

Further asked if the current issues in APC will be resolved and the convention still go ahead, he responded:

“Well, we have a time frame. We have to work because the four year circle is constitutional.

“It cannot be interfered with by anybody. So if the party couldn’t agree, then the opposition can take over.

“What did the PDP do? They saw that they can’t come together.

“But when ACN, ANPP and CPC came together as APC, before PDP realised it, they were off.

“They are still off. So they can see it.”

Credit : Vanguard

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