Fight Against Corruption Will Continue To Fail In Nigeria

October 11, 2018

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By Aanu Adegun

Today, many people are celebrating this so called war against corruption but in reality, will this war be won this way? No. The last time the war was fought, what was the outcome?

You cannot continue to do something the same way and expect different results.

This corruption war will fail. And it is even foolish for us not to see it for what it is, stupidity.

The old system we practice here in our nation can never withstand the greed of the modern world.

How do you really fight corruption, if you ask me. I will say – good system, good governance template. An holistic restructuring of our system and country.

Life is all about give and take. Win some, lose some. Persuade lawmakers to restructure all template of the country. Wipe all slate clean. Grant all looters freedom. Set a day in a year that this amnesty takes effect.

Remember, no lawmaker or official will want to commit suicide by working on a law against self.

In the new constitution, make corruption a death sentence case.

Apart from this extreme and painful path, the war on corruption will fail because even if you fight it today, what about the next government? Are you sure the trend will continue after you leave office?

You may not agree with me but if you have an alternative. Let’s hear it. I want to learn from you too.

Aanu Adegun is a public analyst and a Journalist of repute who resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

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