Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2 Election witnessed avoidable chaos

May 28, 2022

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The primary election of the All Progressives Congress for the House of Representatives election of Ekiti Central Federal Constituency 2 was marred with violence due to mismanagement of a little misunderstanding among the agents of the contesting aspirants.

The little misunderstanding, however, snowballed into free- for-all when the touts loyal to a particular aspirant took advantage of the mere altercation to unleash mayhem on the agent of a particular aspirant.

The first sign of trouble was noticed when a particular aspirant arrived the venue of the election with military men and about a hundred thugs. The presiding officers and agents of other aspirants complained about the militarization of the process but they were shouted down. In the interest of peace and for the election to go on, the protest was withdrawn and the election started as scheduled.

Things took a different dimension at the tail end of the process and became frenzy when one man was noticed to have voted severally on behalf of many delegates under the pretence that the actual delegates could not write or vote on their own. Mr Wale Awe, an agent of another aspirant, queried this practice and insisted such should not be allowed again. This led to altercation among the agents and got to an unabating end when the thugs of a particular aspirant attacked Mr. Wale Awe for questioning the process.

This degenerated into a chaotic scenario, but thankfully Wale Awe was rescued by the police. He was immediately taken into protective custody by the police to prevent him from being lynched by the rampaging thugs. Some of the rampaging thugs were also arrested by the police.

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