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Primate Nicholas Okoh of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), has warned leaders against shifting blame to others after being elected into power.

Primate Okoh described the act of blaming past administration as a “moral evil”.

“It will be a moral evil for any candidate to gain the confidence of the people, then after being elected into power, instead of improving the lots of the country, to turn round and start to blame past governments,” he said.

The cleric added that Nigerians are “tired of retrogression and stagnancy” and need to move forward.

Primate Okoh made this statement on Sunday while delivering a presidential address to the diocese of Abuja synod held at Basilica of Grace Gudu, Abuja.

He also lamented the “hunger” and rate of joblessness in the land,” saying the government needs to make haste to salvage the “deplorable situation.

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