APC vs PDP: Don’t Return Nigeria Back To Egypt In 2019 -Lai Tells Nigerians

August 22, 2018

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The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has told Nigerians not to return back to Egypt in 2019 as the general election draws near.

He says that year 2019 is the year of decision as the general will hold in the country. Therefore, he described the act of returning the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to power in 2019 through the general election as a biblical an act of returning back to the land of Egypt from the promise land, using biblical reference of the case of the children of Israel to warn Nigerians.

The statement read:

“The year 2019 is the year of decision for Nigeria.

“It is the year that the critical decision will be made as to whether Nigeria will continue along the path of development, in all ramifications (social, economic, political, etc), that this administration has embarked upon since 2015, or the country will retrogress and backslide to the throes of massive and primitive looting and lack of development.”

“Nigeria must continue on its present trajectory to sustainable growth and development. Never again must we go back to Egypt.”

“As we approach this critical fork on the road, I have no iota of doubt that the good people of Nigeria will choose the path of development, having seen the commitment, sincerity and patriotism of this administration.

“It is clear, from all indications, that Nigerians are not going back to Egypt.

“Because of the support of the people, our party will win, even with a wider margin in 2019, thus sealing the fate of the naysayers.”

“While the trend in Nigeria had been to put money in the pocket of a few to the detriment of the masses, this aadministration has embarked on a massive redistribution of the nation’s wealth.

“Never again will a privileged few corner the nation’s commonwealth! The nation’s resources are being spent for the benefit of the people.”

“The whole country is one huge construction site. Roads are being constructed in all the six geo-political zones.

“His Administration has employed 500,000 unemployed graduates under its Social Intervention Programme (SIP). No government in our country’s history has ever done that.

“This administration has been daily feeding 8.5 million school children in 23 states and providing N10,000 every two months to over 300,000 families as social security for the most vulnerable.

“From Benue to Zamfara, the spate of killings has fallen drastically, though this is not making the kind of headlines made by the killings that were mostly orchestrated by those who are mortally opposed to the administration.

Our gallant troops are scoring victory after victory against the vestige of Boko Haram, which has been massively degraded and put on the run,”the statement added.

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