In this opinion, a public analyst, and a blogger, Alfred Peter, has taken to his Facebook page to air his opinion about the choice of Atiku Abubakar as PDP presidential candidate for 2019 election.

He also wrote on the current allegation of corruption being leveled against him by members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) which he described as a campaign of calumny and mere allegation that cannot be substantiated.

Sheyi accused the ruling APC of not having any attractive selling points to convince Nigerians to support the second coming of President Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s president in 2019.

He alleged that Buhari does not have any achievements as side attractions to run his second term presidential campaign bid.

Sheyi wrote below:

Atiku was not corrupt wben he gave 5 billion naira to APC campaign team in 2015. He was not corrupt wehn he hired private jet for President Buhari and his campaign team in 2015 presidential campaign to move round the country. But now that he became the presidential candidate of the PDP, he has suddenly become corrupt.

I want to believe that this allegation of corruptiion against Atiku is word and opposite especially that it came from thesame APC who didn’t realise Atiku was corrupt in 2015 when they were taking his money to run their campaign? Or has any court convicted Atiku for corruption related matters in this 2018 that we are yet to know?

Does it mean that APC does not have any selling points after three and half years in power other than mirage of corruption allegations that cannot be substantiated against Atiku.

APC has shown Nigeria that they harbors criminals… If they have any sense of reasoning, Atiku was in the party for three years, yet he was not arrested or prosecuted for corruption.

But when he left the party, he suddenly became a corrupt man. Do you people (APC members) have shame at all? I doubt it, he said”