2023: Any plot to deny Ndigbo Presidency will fail, says Sam Ohuabunwa

March 26, 2022

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By Peter Okutu, Abakaliki


A Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential hopeful, Sam Ohuabunwa, Saturday, stated that any plot by some powers that be to deny Ndigbo Presidency will not come to fruitionOhuabunwa who stated this in Abakaliki added that he had worked harder than any other aspirant to qualify him as President Muhammadu Buhari’s successor in 2023.

“The plot will not work. God, Himself will not sanction injustice. I am still hopeful that wise counsel will still prevail as most God-fearing Nigerians are in support of justice. They support a shift to the East and by God’s grace, it will happen.”

According to him, the insinuations that Igbo Presidential aspirants were fizzling out of their presidential race, were unfounded, stressing that he would become the nation’s President, come 2923.


He said, “It’s not true, that Igbo Presidential aspirants have lost stem and are not consulting and campaigning again. Yesterday, I was in the South-East. On Thursday, I was in Delta and I meet with the PDP caucus there. On Monday, I will be going to Oyo and from Oyo, to Kwara. We are moving.

It’s just that we don’t have the resources the way Tinubu has-he has so much money and if he coughs, everybody hears about it. But we are doing much more than he does. Our move is towards the delegates because we are not in the general elections yet. It’s the PDP delegates we are focusing on now; we are not entertaining the general public.


“Therefore, we are strategic in our moves. It’s not true that Igbo Presidential aspirants are not doing anything about their ambition. If anybody is not moving, I am moving and strategizing. I must tell you that in the last two or three weeks, I have done so much to ensure I clinch the PDP Presidential ticketSo, I’m pushing seriously. Of course, I can’t speak for anybody, I’m speaking for myself and I’m doing a lot. Two weeks ago, the PDP NEC and members of the Board of Trustees met in Abuja. I was there and I met everybody. Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, when I met him in Umuahia yesterday, he was telling people how I shook hands with all the PDP NEC members and he told them that I’m the most dogged and resilient Presidential candidate in Nigeria currently.

“I have evidence. For the first time, I have gone to 26 states of the country and my last visit was Abia, because it’s my state and I keep going there. And in any of these visits, I keep consulting and talking to PDP members and beyond.

I was with the Chairman of my party, the PDP, in Abia State, Chief Onyema Ugochukwu yesterday. I’m working hard to win. You may not be seeing me or reading me for whatever issues. What is critical is that I’m not losing stem.


“Why I’m doing this is because I’m going to be President of Nigeria, in 2023. This is not a matter of, “Shall it be?”. By the grace of God, it will be. That’s why I’m competing in PDP. I’m not going to be part of any of these small political parties around. PDP is big and that’s where I’m competing from.”


Continuing, he added: “Tinubu is known to have so much money that he must spend. Atiku is known to have so much money he must spend. We are not known to have so much money to spend, but we are doing a more strategic job behind the scene and we are appealing to the people to come on board with us.

“You can be known in the media, but if you don’t keep base or link with the people, it doesn’t make sense.

I have visited Obasanjo. I have been to IBB. I have been to so many others. So, I’m working hard. I have evidence. No single Presidential aspirant, in the APC or PDP, is doing the strategic job I’m doing to win. None.


“I went to see one PDP chieftain in Adamawa and that was the second time we would be seeing. He said, “Mazi Ohuabunwa, you are the only aspirant that surprises us with your mission and vision for Nigeria. Others come with money; do they think it’s money that would do the job? But you come with your mission, vision, and documents.

“That was what the Adamawa man told me and I can quote him. So, I’m working hard. And I want to assure you that I will be the President of Nigeria in 2023 by his grace.



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