The nasty and deplorable state of Ikare-Akoko township roads

By Comrade Wande Owati

It is undebatable that Ikare Township roads are currently in dilapidated state since former governor Olusegun Agagu left office in 2009.

The terrible state of the roads is a source of concern for our farmers, the motorists and other road users. Most of the township roads were rehabilitated during Agagu’s adminstration, while majority of them were seamlessly tarred, and in those days, Ikare town looked like a small London.

Few years after the tenure of late Agagu, all the roads in Ikare-Akoko are in bad shape. It has been totally neglected by this current administration, except the Ikare to Ugbe township road which is currently being dualised, every other roads in Ikare -Akoko are terribly bad.

Ikare is the heartbeat of Akoko and the commercial nerve center of the northern Senatorial District of Ondo State. The town is the industrial hub of the people of Akoko nation. But unfortunately, the roads that we hitherto being proud of, has suddenly turned death traps. Drive your car within the town and visit the mechanic workshop the following day, it is as bad as that.

Most of the portholes have turned gullies, making it difficult for motorists to move easily. The roads that link major quarters have become an eyesore and this has been a major threat to the business activities of the town. The quarters like, Ilepa, Oyinmo, Iku, Okorun, Okoja, Ekan, Odoruwa, Ode Iyare, Okegbe, Ese, Odo, Igbede, to mention a few, need to be rehabilitated urgently.

Some of these roads lead to the rural communities where agricultural produce are being produced for consumption and for sales. The roads have been a great hurdles to some farm settlements whereby a journey of 2hours is now taking 5hours, and some areas which should not last for 10 minutes now last for 1hour just because of the despicable and nasty State of the roads. This has consequently skyrocketed the cost of transportation in Ikare-Akoko land.

I, therefore, appeal to Ondo State government to come to our aid. The norms which we are known for is depreciating everyday, the deplorable condition of the roads has hindered the smooth sailing of business activities and has brought untold hardships to our people in Akoko land.

Wande Owati, writes in from Ikare Akoko, Ondo State

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