Letter to Nigerian Youth: It is time to take over by rejecting government of old people

By Akinrinlola Olumide

Part of the reasons Nigeria is not going forward is the recycling of the old generation into political offices by the current political class.

Since the elders and analogue generation took over, things have gone backwards in Nigeria.

I have seen under this current administration of APC led government in Nigeria where 80 years old men and above, were appointed members of the executive cabinet.

It is in Nigeria’s of today that a 50year old politician will be struggling with the youth to contest local government election as a councillor.

It is in Nigeria today that people of 70 years of age are running for the seat of the house of assembly in many states of this country and people will still cast vote for them.

Nigerian youths should wake up now and face out this old current political class in Nigeria before it is too late.

I expect many of our youths to be tired with the current government of old people we have today just like I am tired.

This is because those who got it right in Nigeria, from Awolowo (37) to Akintola (36), to Ahmadu Bello (36), to Tafawa Balewa (34), to Nnamdi Azikiwe 42, were all younger persons during their time.

We must be tired of this current political class where selfishness, self-centeredness and the recycling of old generation has obviously become a norm.

Our youths must break the yoke of too young to run pronounced upon them by this old generation by withdrawing supports from the old generation henceforth.

We can break this evil yoke and liberate ourselves if we start supporting our own generation who are aspiring for political offices against this old generation.

We call ourselves the leaders of tomorrow. But when will our tomorrow come when we always leave our generation to support the old generation.

Nigerian youth must arise and break this evil yoke by supporting their generation. Who says we can’t do better than our fathers in public offices?

We have the energy and synergy to do better than them and we can face them out if we keep supporting our generation who are ready to go for elective offices.

We are part of the reasons political revolution has not taken place in Nigeria because we have refused to take necessary action. We all must take action before we can see God in action.

Let’s stop following this old generation and follow our generation. Let’s stop voting for them and start voting for ourselves. Let’s stop campaigning for them and start campaigning for our generation. Let’s start aspiring so that we would not expire.

By so doing, we would take over and Nigeria will move forward. We need the younger generation onboard.

It is time to take over. But before then, we must reject the government of old people in Nigeria. Otherwise, we can’t take over.

Akinrinlola Olumide is the Publisher of Starnews NG Online Newspaper

One thought on “Letter to Nigerian Youth: It is time to take over by rejecting government of old people

  • May 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    You said well. But my brother with the nowadays youth, I didn’t see the light, bcos thr are to after money dey want to collect from thr mate that is contest istead of seeking for fund to help his or her aspiration. Then if thr is no money no vote. This liberation is just 1 to 4 years. Then we will set free.


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